A Modern Spin
On Collecting Vinyl

Record Haüs is a vinyl album collection app
that enables you to finally keep track of everything you own
in one easy location...your phone!

How It Works

  • Scan the album barcode
  • or input the catalog number
  • or manually input the artist/title

Export Options

Export your collection titles to friends or family via text, email, or airdrop and they don't have to thumb through your collection when they want to listen to an album.

Thus saving your precious vinyl from their grubby hands!

You can even export your collection via CSV to open it in your favorite spreadsheet app like Excel.

  • E-Mail

  • Text

  • CSV

  • Airdrop

Got A Vinyl Business? Upgrade!

If you buy/sell albums online or at swapmeets it's really easy to keep track of sales. Upgrading to the paid versions expands your capacity to 500, 1000, or 2000 albums and removes any advertisements.